The Braintrust

Stephanie – President and The Boss Lady

Stephanie Goodman has worked as a marketing professional for more than 20 years. Stephanie’s expertise lies in identifying and understanding challenges that are unique to every client, and in addressing them in ways that will best achieve that company’s marketing goals.

Lisa – Creative Director and Queen of Thinking Creatively

Lisa Sallwasser brings 20 plus years of creative energy and strategic vision to the group. Lisa’s expertise is in brand creation and recharging. There are no cookie cutter solutions to the complex design solutions for today’s market. Lisa knows you have to be current, energetic and crazy to survive and deliver the quality clients demand.

Geoff – Director of Digital Media and King of Reality

Geoff Bevington is the man with the plan. Whatever you dream up – big and complex or minor and simple – Geoff will make it happen. He tackles every project with gusto and a drive that does not quit. Making the team’s ideas a reality.

Katie – Ruler of Social Media

Katie Lindler handles all things social media. From content to contests to analytics and strategy. Katie develops the brand and brings it alive on social media.

Kate – Account Executive and Princess of Perfection

Kate Pacholek does it all. She works with clients, vendors and our internal teams. No task is too large. No matter what the task, it will be delivered early and free of error. Kate gets the job done. No questions asked.

Beth – Public Relations Guru

With over 20 years of public relations experience for a wide range of clients, Beth Strautz knows how to grow any brand in any market through strategic and creative story angle development and strong relationships with the media leading to high-profile placements for clients.